Star vs. the Forces of Evil is an animated TV series about Star Butterfly, a princess from another dimension, and Marco Diaz of Earth, fighting monsters led by the evil Ludo (Alan Tudyk).

Season 1Edit

  • Warriors - Some were blown up by Star with mines, including the two that kidnapped Ferguson, one was presumably eaten by a magical bird, and one was sucked into a black hole. (Note: Many Warriors survived)
  • Monster Arm - Killed when Star used her wand to turn him back into Marco's regular arm (although he inisted that he would return).
  • Hydra - Choked to death when Star and Marco got his heads tangled in a knot
  • Yarn monster - Unravelled when Miss Skullnick latched him to an unmovable post with a paperclip as he was chasing after everyone
  • Unicorn - Killed when Star used the Whispering Spell to destroy her wand
  • Toffee - Blown up along with Ludo's castle as a result of Star using the Whispering Spell to destroy her wand. After death, his spirit resides inside his Ludo's wand made from his wristbone, and eventually possesses Ludo.
  • Ludo's Army (Bearicorn, Big Chicken, Deer Beard, Emmitt, Lobster Claws, Man Arm, Spikeballs, Three-Eyed Potato Baby, Frill-neck Monster, Two-headed monster, Fly monster, and other unnamed monsters) - Presumably killed when Star blew up Ludo's castle, though unconfirmed as they were last seen running, unlike Toffee who was next to the wand before it exploded. (However they are absent from Season 2, as Ludo recruits new minions)

Season 2Edit

  • Truth or Punishments Cube - Crushed in the trash compactor
  • Bat monster - Jumped down the garbage hole to avoid facing Ludo's wrath
  • Bon Bon the Birthday Clown - Killed in explosion of trick candles (set 100 years before the events of the episode). Returned as a ghost
  • Lekmet - Turned to ashes

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