The list of victims in Syphon Filter are in this article.

Syphon Filter Edit

  • Mara Aramov shoots Ellis
  • Unknown number of villagers killed by Rhoemer's viral testing
  • Gabe Logan kills Pavel Kravitch, Jorge Marcos and Anton Girdeaux in Washington, along with innumerable Black Baton thugs
  • Jenkins and his team annihilated by Anton Girdeaux and Black Baton group
  • Gabe Logan takes down several PHARCOM security members and Edward Benton
  • Gabe Logan kills Vladimir Gabrek and numerous guards in Rhoemer's base
  • Attack helicopter sent to kill Gabe is shot down
  • Gabe Logan neutralises a couple of scientists, as well as monks and test subjects (the latter being unintentional)
  • Undetermined quantity of Black Baton and PHARCOM security personnel killed in a fight with each other
  • Erich Rhoemer shoots Thomas Markinson
  • Gabe Logan suffocates Erich Rhoemer with a gas grenade

Debatable deaths Edit

  • Gabe Logan shoots Mara Aramov twice in the head, but is it not until The Omega Strain that she truly dies.
  • Phagan was similarly shot by Mara in the head yet he somehow remains alive and is only clinically declared dead in Syphon Filter 2.

Syphon Filter 2 Edit

  • Numerous civilians in China killed during the introduction
  • Gabe Logan takes down a squad of Spooks while trying to rescue Lian Xing
  • Agency thugs kill unknown quantity of CBDC officials
  • Hercules C-130 pilots killed when Agency F-22 Raptors blow up the transport
  • Kowalski, unidentified GI's, Davies, a Private and Eschelman killed in the Agency assault
  • Mara Aramov snaps Mr Cochrane's neck
  • Phagan killed by Dillon Morgan
  • Dobson killed by potassium chloride
  • Lian Xing shoots Derrek Falkan
  • Gabe Logan shoots Steven Archer
  • Agency Spooks killed by Gabe
  • Colorado Bridge bombing commander killed by Gabe
  • Gabe kills Dillon Morgan
  • Russian militia and Gregorov's bodyguards killed by Lian
  • Lian takes down Aljir Prison security members
  • Gabe takes down Agency security personnel
  • Unit One personnel killed by Gabe
  • Ramirez shot by Jason Chance
  • Agency thugs killed by Gabe
  • Stevens shoots a SWAT officer
  • Gabe or Teresa shoots Stevens
  • Gabe drives Chance into copter blades

Debatable deaths Edit

  • Teresa Lipan is seemingly shot dead by Chance but reappears in the next game.

Syphon Filter 3 Edit

Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain Edit

  • A dead body seen in Italy

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror Edit

Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow Edit

  • Somali pirates shoot Alima out of the sky
  • Gabe Logan takes down numerous al-Jamil thugs and Fahid Tamer
  • NIOC courier found dead on the St Helens
  • Cordell sends Special Ops to the St Helens but all are killed
  • Spetsnaz divers and naval soldiers, as well as Surgeyev, killed by Gabe
  • NIOC courier found dead on the St Helens
  • Gabe rips out the hatches on a Soviet submarine and depth charges blow it up
  • Civilians in Azerbaijan and resistance members shot by Russian invaders
  • Gabe takes down Spetsnaz infantry personnel
  • One BTR-90 armoured personnel carrier blown with C4
  • NIOC courier found dead on a rooftop
  • Attack helicopter blows a roof, killing Azerbaijani resistance group
  • Maggie shoots a gunship, causing it to crash
  • Bitar blows up an oil field, causing unknown number of casualties
  • Gabe escapes from the prison, taking down Spetsnaz as he does
  • A jeep is blown up
  • Maggie Powers stabs a sniper and uses his weapon to take down patrols
  • Gabe blows up an APC with explosives
  • Maggie Powers takes out the pilots
  • Gabe kills plane security and Markus
  • Surgei Kudrenko and Gabe get into a firefight; the former is killed in the process
  • NIOC courier found dead in the sewers
  • Desert Scorpions killed by al-Jamil turrets
  • Gabe and a tank commander take out Bitar's thugs
  • Emplacement turrets blown up
  • A bridge blows while Gabe and the tank cross it, killing the latter's driver
  • NIOC courier found dead in the canyon
  • Army Ranger calls in air strikes, blowing up more turrets
  • One Ranger found dead
  • Boomer killed by his own charges
  • Cordell's air strike takes out surviving forces
  • Gabe and Lian gang up against Malak
  • Lian blows a truck
  • Gabe takes down dam security
  • A thug is thrown off his feet and drowned

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