The list of victims in the Terminator series are in this article.

Terminator Edit

  • Hunter-Killer shoots 1 resistance fighter
  • Terminator rips 1 punk’s heart out
  • Terminator shoots the gun store owner
  • Terminator shoots the wrong Sarah Connor
  • Hunter-Killer blows up 1 resistance fighter
  • Reese’s gunner is killed in car crash
  • Another wrong Sarah Connor shown dead in photo, killed by the Terminator
  • Terminator kills Matt and then throws him through a wall
  • Terminator shoots Ginger
  • Terminator shoots 3 patrons
  • Terminator bashes 1 cop’s head against his car (death debatable)
  • Terminator runs down Sergeant Wright with a car
  • Terminator shoots 3 cops
  • Terminator shoots Captain Chapnick
  • Terminator shoots Warden Bryan
  • Terminator shoots 7 more cops (5 seen, 2 heard in the background)
  • 1 dead cop shown lying on the floor, a victim of the Terminator’s
  • Terminator shoots 1 more cop
  • Terminator shoots Traxler
  • Terminator shoots Vukovich
  • Future Terminator shoots 12 resistance fighters
  • Terminator kills a truck driver
  • Reese dies from the explosion
  • Sarah crushes the Terminator with heavy machinery

T2: Judgment Day Edit

  • Hunter-Killer shoots 1 resistance fighter
  • Gunship shoots 1 fighter
  • 1 more fighter shot by the machines
  • Gunship blows up a jeep, killing the driver and gunner onboard
  • T-1000 kills a cop
  • T-1000 tries to shoot John but strikes an employee
  • T-1000 kills Janelle offscreen and takes her form
  • T-1000 (disguised as Janelle) impales Todd through the mouth
  • 5 dead cops seen in photos, killed by the Terminator in T1
  • T-1000 (disguised as Lewis) stabs the real Lewis through the eye
  • T-1000 kills a motorcycle cop offscreen and takes his form\
  • 22 people (at least) shown in park (including young Sarah and young John) incinerated by nuclear blast
  • 5 drivers on highway blown up by the nuclear explosion
  • Sarah burned by the nuclear flame
  • Miles detonates the explosives, blowing up the top floor and killing himself with 5 SWAT officers in the explosion
  • T-1000 stabs a truck driver
  • T-101 shoots T-1000 with a grenade launcher, blowing him apart and sending him falling backwards into the molten steel where he melts
  • Sarah reluctantly lowers T-101 into the molten steel, terminating him

T3: Rise of the Machines Edit

  • T-X-kills a woman off screen and take her car and clothes
  • T-X-shoots Jose Barrera
  • T-X-shoots a boy named Bill
  • T-X-shoots a woman
  • T-X-kills Scott off screen with a saw
    T-X-kills 2 Agents in a car
  • The Machines shoots 12 people
  • Robert Brewster shot by T-X
  • Terminator blows himself and the T-X up

Terminator Salvation Edit

  • Marcus Wright executed by the state of California
  • 2 planes crash, killing their pilots
  • 4 corpses shown
  • 6 members of Connor’s team and at least 10 human prisoners killed in atomic blast
  • 3 more resistance fighter corpses seen
  • 1 car blown up, killing the person shown inside earlier
  • Another truck blown up, killing at least 3 people shown inside
  • 1 jet blown up by Hunter-Killer, killing the pilot
  • 1 Prisoner shot by T-600
  • Gunman and Copilot of helicopter killed by Hydro-Terminators
  • General Ashdown, General Pachenko and 12 other crewmen blown up in submarine by Hunter-Killer
  • John Connor freezes the T-RIP with molten iron and liquid nitrogen. When it retaliates, Marcus beheads the machine.
  • Marcus Wright sacrifices his heart in order to save John’s life

Terminator Genisys* Edit

  • John Connor fires a pulse rifle at a cyborg obliterating it.
  • The cop/T-1000 impales a police officer.
  • The antagonistic T-800 is sniped by Sarah Connor, deactivating it. It is later beheaded by Kyle Reese.
  • The T-1000 is exposed to hydrochloric acid and destroyed.
  • John Connor/ T-3000 shoots 3 or 4 cops.
  • John Connor/T-3000 impales a Cyderdyne security guard.
  • John Connor/ T-3000 is thrown into a time displacement machine and ripped apart.

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