The list of victims in the Terminator series are in this article.

Terminator Edit

  1. Unnamed Resistance Fighter - killed by Skynet Forces in the future
  2. Unnamed Punk - heart pulled out by T-101
  3. Gun Store Owner - shot by T-101
  4. Sarah Connor Look-alike - shot by T-101
  5. Unnamed Resistance Fighter - killed by Skynet Forces in the future
  6. Unnamed Resistance Gunner - killed by Skynet Forces in the future
  7. Another Sarah Connor Look-alike - shot by T-101
  8. Matt - Thrown into various objects, glass, table, etc. Finished off by being thrown through a wall.
  9. Ginger - Shot 7 times by T-101.
  10. Several Unnamed Patrons - Gunned down by T-101.
  11. Unnamed Cop - head bashed against car by T-101
  12. Sergeant Wright - run down by T-101 with a car
  13. Several Unnamed Cops - shot by T-101
  14. Captain Chapnick - shot by T-101
  15. Warden Bryan - shot by T-101
  16. Several Unnamed Cops - shot by T-101
  17. Unnamed Cop - shot by T-101
  18. Unnamed Cop - shot by T-101
  19. Traxler - shot by T-101
  20. Vukovich - shot by T-101
  21. Several Resistance Fighters - shot in the future by a terminator
  22. Unnamed Truck Driver - killed by T-101
  23. Kyle Reese - died when the pipebomb attached to T-101 exploded, sending him down a flight of stairs, resulting in a broken neck
  24. T-101 - crushed under heavy machinery by Sarah Connor

T2: Judgment Day Edit

  1. Several Resistance Soldiers - killed by Skynet forces in the future
  2. Unnamed Cop - killed by T-1000, taking his form
  3. Unnamed Mall Employee - shot several times in the chest by T-1000 when he get in the way of shots meant for John Connor
  4. Janelle - killed off-screen by T-1000
  5. Todd - impaled through the mouth by T-1000 in Janelle's form
  6. Several Unnamed Cops - mentioned to have been killed in the previous film by T-101 before his reprogramming
  7. Lewis - stabbed in the eye by T-1000 in the form of Lewis himself
  8. Unnamed Motorcycle Cop - killed off-screen by T-1000, taking his form
  9. Three Billion People - mentioned to die from a nuclear blast if CyberDyne and Skynet are not destroyed
  10. Crowd of People - incinerated by nuclear blast in Sarah's nightmare
  11. Young John Connor - incinerated by nuclear blast in Sarah's nightmare
  12. Young Sarah Connor - incinerated by nuclear blast in Sarah's nightmare
  13. Several Unnamed People - incinerated on the motorways by nuclear blast in Sarah's nightmare
  14. Sarah Connor - burnt to death by nuclear blast in her own nightmare
  15. Miles Dyson - manually detonates the explosives, destroying CyberDyne Systems and its HQ, and killing himself in the process 
  16. Several Unnamed SWAT Officers - killed in the destruction of CyberDyne Systems
  17. Unnamed Truck Driver - killed by T-1000
  18. T-1000 - blasted by T-101 with a grenade launcher, sending him into a pit of molten steel, destroying him for good
  19. T-101 - relucantly lowered into the pit of molten steel by Sarah and John Connor, as he still contained a part of SkyNet within him, which had to be destroyed if humanity were to have a chance of surviving

T3: Rise of the Machines Edit

  1. T-X-kills Rich Woman off screen and take her car and clothes
  2. T-X-kills Policeman
  3. T-X-shoots Jose Barrera
  4. T-X-shoots Bill Anderson
  5. T-X-shoots Bill's Girlfriend
  6. T-X-shoots Betsy
  7. T-X-kills Scott Petersen off screen with a saw
  8. T-X-kills Detective Edwards
  9. T-X-kills Detective Martinez
  10. The Machines shoots 12 people
  11. Robert Brewster shot by T-X
  12. Terminator blows himself and the T-X up

Terminator Salvation Edit

  1. Marcus Wright executed by the state of California
  2. 2 planes crash, killing their pilots
  3. 4 corpses shown
  4. 6 members of Connor’s team and at least 10 human prisoners killed in atomic blast
  5. 3 more resistance fighter corpses seen
  6. 1 car blown up, killing the person shown inside earlier
  7. Another truck blown up, killing at least 3 people shown inside
  8. 1 jet blown up by Hunter-Killer, killing the pilot
  9. 1 Prisoner shot by T-600
  10. Gunman and Copilot of helicopter killed by Hydro-Terminators
  11. General Ashdown, General Pachenko and 12 other crewmen blown up in submarine by Hunter-Killer
  12. John Connor freezes the T-RIP with molten iron and liquid nitrogen. When it retaliates, Marcus beheads the machine.
  13. Marcus Wright sacrifices his heart in order to save John’s life

Terminator Genisys* Edit

  1. John Connor fires a pulse rifle at a cyborg obliterating it.
  2. The cop/T-1000 impales a police officer.
  3. The antagonistic T-800 is sniped by Sarah Connor, deactivating it. It is later beheaded by Kyle Reese.
  4. The T-1000 is exposed to hydrochloric acid and destroyed.
  5. John Connor/ T-3000 shoots 3 or 4 cops.
  6. John Connor/T-3000 impales a Cyderdyne security guard.
  7. John Connor/ T-3000 is thrown into a time displacement machine and ripped apart.

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