The Band of Seven are seven mercenaries and mass murderers in the anime Inuyasha who were executed for their crimes and resurrected by Naraku by implanting Jewel Shards in their bones, led by Bankotsu. The Jewel Shards keep them alive, though attacks that are powerful enough can apparently kill them even without removing their Jewel Shards.

  • Kyokotsu - Killed when Koga removed the Jewel Shard from his head.
  • Mukotsu - Slashed vertically by Sesshomaru with Tokajin, cutting the Jewel Shard out of his neck.
  • Ginkotsu - Selfdestructed in an attempt to kill Koga
  • Suikotsu - Killed when Jakotsu cut his Jewel Shard out of his neck
  • Jakotsu - Killed when Renkotsu removed his Jewel Shard from his neck
  • Renkotsu - Killed when Bankotsu removed his last two Jewel Shards from his neck
  • Bankotsu - Killed by Inuyasha with Backlash Wave, despite still having two Jewel Shards in his arm.

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