Season 1 Edit

Pilot Edit

  • Nora Allen - Stabbed by Eobard. Her death was temporarily undone when Barry created Flashpoint, stopping Eobard from killing her.
  • Fred Chyre - Shot in the neck by Clyde mardon
  • Clyde Mardon - Shot by Joe.

Fastest Man Alive Edit

  • Java - Beaten to death by Black and his clones.
  • Danton Black/Multiplex - Fell out of a window to commit suicide, though the Flash tried to save him.
  • Simon Stagg - Stabbed by Eobard, disguised as Wells.

Things You Can't Outrun Edit

  • Araz Darbinyan - Suffocated after inhaling the Mist.
  • Raffi Darbinyan - Suffocated after inhaling the Mist.
  • Theresa Howard - Suffocated after inhaling the Mist.

Going Rogue Edit

  • Basil Nurblin - Shot by Snart.

Plastique Edit

  • Bette Sans Souci - Shot by Eiling. Her body then became a bomb that nearly destroyed Central City.

Power Outage Edit

  • Tony Woodward/Girder - Electrocuted by Blackout. Later resurrected as a zombie.
  • Farooq Gibran/Blackout - Overloaded himself when he tried to steal Barry's speed.

Out of Time Edit

  • Cisco Ramon - Stabbed by Eobard with his vibrating hand. However, this was in an alternate timeline that Barry prevented.

Rogue Time Edit

  • Vincent Santini - Shot by Snart.
  • Mason Bridges - Stabbed by Eobard.

Tricksters Edit

  • Tess Morgan - Killed in a car crash caused by Eobard.
  • Harrison Wells - Appearance stolen by Eobard, causing him to decompose.

All Star Team Up Edit

  • Bill Carlisle - Killed by Larvan's bees.
  • Lindsay Kang - Killed by Larvan's bees.

The Trap Edit

  • Hannibal Bates/Everyman - Shot by Joe, thinking he was Wells.

Rogue Air Edit

  • Jake Simmons/Deathbolt - Shot in the face by Snart.

Fast Enough Edit

  • Eddie Thawne - Shot himself in order to kill Eobard.
  • Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash - Erased from history after Eddie, his ancestor, killed himself. A time remnant of him was preserved through the Speed Force, allowing him to live.

Season 2 Edit

The Man Who Saved Central CityEdit

  • Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm - Killed when he and Martin destroyed the Singularity.
  • Al Rothstein - Killed by Atom-Smasher, his Earth-2 counterpart.
  • Al Rothstein/Atom-Smasher - Trapped in a nuclear core by Barry, then absorbed too much energy and overloaded.

Flash of Two Worlds Edit

  • Eddie Slick/Sand Demon - Turned to glass by Barry, then shattered.

Family of Rogues Edit

  • David Rutenberg - Killed by Lewis Snart with a bomb in his head.
  • Lewis Snart - Shot by his son Leonard.

The Darkness and the Light Edit

  • Eric Larkin - Shot by Doctor Light.

Potential Energy Edit

  • Russell Glosson/Turtle - Had his brain tissue removed by Wells.

The Reverse-Flash Returns Edit

  • Francine West - Died of MacGregor's Syndrome.

Welcome to Earth-2 Edit

  • Joseph West - Fatally injured by Deathstorm while trying to save Iris.
  • Ronnie Raymond/Deathstorm - Stabbed in the back by Zoom.
  • Francisco Ramon/Reverb - Stabbed in the chest by Zoom.

King Shark Edit

  • Shay Lamden - Killed in the Particle Accelerator explosion.

Trajectory Edit

  • Eliza Harmon/Trajectory - Body destroyed by the Speed Force after injecting herself with Velocity-9.

Versus Zoom Edit

  • Ashley Zolomon - Shot by her husband James.

Back to Normal Edit

  • Griffin Grey - Died of old Age while fighting the Flash.
  • Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost - Stabbed by Zoom with her icicle.

Rupture Edit

  • Dante Ramon/Rupture - Stabbed by Zoom.

The Race of His Life Edit

  • Henry Allen - Stabbed by Zoom. His death was temporarily undone when Barry created Flashpoint.
  • Hunter Zolomon/Zoom - Captured by the Time Wraiths and shriveled up. However, the Speed Force turned him into Black Flash to hunt down speedsters who mess with time.

Season 3 Edit

Flashpoint Edit

  • Edward Clariss/Rival - Shot in the back by Joe. This was Undone when Barry destroyed Flashpoint.

Paradox Edit

  • Dante Ramon - Died in a car crash as one of the post-Flashpoint side effects.
  • Edward Clariss/Rival - Stabbed by Savitar.

The Present Edit

  • Iris West - Stabbed through the heart by Savitar. This was prevented when H.R. switched places with Iris, sacrificing himself and ultimately leading to Savitar's destruction.

Untouchable Edit

  • Stuart Holzman - Touched by Yorkin, causing him to decompose.
  • Julio Mendez - Touched by Yorkin, causing him to decompose.

Duet Edit

  • Digsy Foss - Shot by Moran's men.
  • Cutter Moran - Shot by Foss's men.

Abra Kadabra Edit

  • Abra Kadabra - Presumably executed by the Collectors.

Finish Line Edit

  • H.R. Wells - Stabbed in the heart by Savitar, thinking he was Iris.
  • Hunter Zolomon/Black Flash - Frozen then shattered by Killer Frost
  • Barry Allen/Savitar - Shot by Iris, then erased from existence by the paradox caused by him failing to kill her.

Season 4 Edit

Mixed SignalsEdit

  • Kurt Weaver - Obliterated inside of an elevator being dropped and violently shaken by Ramsey Deacon's technopathy.

Don't RunEdit

  • Clifford DeVoe - Original Body - Killed after transferring his consciousness and powers into the body of Dominic Lanse.

True ColorsEdit

  • Warden Wolfe - Killed by Clifford Devoe (in the body of Becky Sharpe) when he uses his power-absorbing wheelchair.