The Godfather is a trilogy of gangster films revolving around a mafia family called the Corleone family, and their dealings with other gangsters.

The GodfatherEdit

  • Luca Brasi - Garrotted by a Tattaglia gangster
  • Paulie Gatto - Shot in the back of the head by Rocco Lampone
  • Bruno Tattaglia - Killed offscreen by Corleone gangsters on Sonny's orders
  • Virgil Sollozzo - Shot in the head by Michael
  • Marc McCluskey - Shot in the throat and head by Michael
  • Sonny Corleone - Shot by Barzini gangsters with machine guns
  • Apollonia Vitelli - Blown up by Fabrizio with a car bomb
  • Vito Corleone - Died of a heart attack
  • Victor Stracci - Shot by Clemenza with a shotgun
  • Moe Greene - Shot in the eye by a Corleone gangster
  • Carmine Cuneo - Shot four times by Willie Cicci
  • Philip Tattaglia - Shot by Rocco and another Corleone gangster
  • Emilio Barzini - Shot in the back twice by Al Neri
  • Salvatore Tessio - Presumably shot by Cicci with his own gun
  • Carlo Rizzi - Garrotted by Clemenza

The Godfather Part IIEdit

  • Paolo Andolini - Shot by Mosca and Strollo. (Set in the past)
  • Signora Andolini - Shot by Mosca. (Set in the past)
  • Peter Clemenza - Died of a heart attack before the events of the film.
  • Johnny Ola - Strangled by Bussetta with a coat hanger
  • Bussetta - Shot by Cuban soldiers
  • Fanucci - Shot in the mouth by Vito. (Set in the past)
  • Francesco Ciccio - Veritcally disemboweled by Vito. (Set in the past)
  • Carmela Corleone - Died offscreen
  • Hyman Roth - Shot by Rocco
  • Rocco Lampone - Shot by federal agents
  • Frank Pentangeli - Slit his wrists offscreen
  • Fredo Corleone - Shot in the back by Al Neri

The Godfather Part IIIEdit

  • Mosca - Presumed dead of old age
  • Strollo - Presumed dead of old age
  • Tom Hagen - Died of unknown causes before the events of the film
  • Anthony Squigliaro - Shot by a Corleone gangster
  • Joey Zasa - Shot in the back three times by Vincent
  • Don Tommasino - Shot twice by Mosca with a shotgun
  • Frederick Keinszig - Smothered by Corleone gangsters with a pillow
  • Lamberto/Pope John Paul I - Drank poisoned tea served to him by Gilday
  • Don Altobello - Ate a poisoned cannoli given to him by Connie
  • Archbishop Gilday - Shot three times by Al Neri
  • Licio Lucchesi - Stabbed in the neck by Calo with his own glasses
  • Calo - Shot by Lucchesi's bodyguard
  • Mosca of Montelepre - Shot by Vincent
  • Mary Corleone - Shot by Mosca, killing her seconds after Mosca's death
  • Michael Corleone - Died of a stroke in 1997


  • Vincent Mancini - According to Coppola, was killed in a shootout with police