Hills Have Eyes (1977) Edit

  • Beauty is mutilated
  • Jupiter killed the livestock on his father's farm and later murdered his sister
  • Fred attacked his son with a tire iron and left him in the hills to die.
  • Jupiter crashes his hands through a window and kills Fred with a tire iron
  • Bob is burnt dead
  • Mars shoots Ethel and Lynne
  • Beast pushes Mercury off a hilltop to his death
  • Beast tears Pluto's throat out
  • Jupiter is killed by a trap set by Brenda and Bobby that uses their mother's corpse
  • Doug stabs Mars to death

Hills Have Eyes 2 Edit

  • Harry is caught in a trap and crushed by a massive rock
  • Reaper shoots Hulk through the chest with a spear bolt
  • Reaper pulls Foster under the bus and kills him
  • Reaper crushes Jane in his arms
  • Reaper throws Sue through a window and slashes her neck
  • Rachel trips and fatally hits the back of her head on a rock
  • Beast returns and knocks Pluto off the cliff to his death
  • Reaper stumbles into an open mineshaft, leading to his death

Hills Have Eyes (2006) Edit

  • Pluto slaughters a group of scientists
  • Beauty is mutilated
  • Jeb kills himself
  • Bob Carter is burnt on a stake
  • Lizard shoots Ether Carter and Lynn fatally
  • Beast rips out Goggle's throat
  • Doug kills Pluto
  • Beast mauls Big Brain
  • Ruby and Lizard fall off a cliff
  • Brenda kills Jupiter

Hills Have Eyes 2 Edit

  • Hades kills a captive mother
  • 2 scientists found dead
  • PFC Mickey Elrod killed when a mutant pulls him into a hole
  • SGT Jeffrey Millstone killed by friendly fire
  • CPL "Spitter" Cole falls to his death
  • COL Lincoln Redding kills himself
  • Stabber is killed
  • Letch kills PFC "Stump" Locke
  • PFC David "Napoleon" Napoli and PFC Amber Johnson kill Chameleon
  • Crank kills Grabber
  • Grabber shoots PFC Delmar Reed
  • PFC "Crank" Medina killed in an explosion
  • PFC "Missy" Martinez kills Hades with Napoleon and Amber

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