The Sacketts is a Western film split into two parts, about the three Sackett brothers, Tell, Orrin, and Tyrel.

  • Mary - Shot by Long Higgins, who was trying to shoot Orrin.
  • Long Higgins - Shot by Tyrel
  • Wes Bigelow - Shot by Tell
  • Don Luis - Died of old age
  • Tom Sunday - Shot twice by Tyrel, as he was trying to shoot him for standing in his way of revenge on Orrin
  • Sniper - Shot by Tell, Orrin, and Tyrel
  • Boyd - Shot by Orrin
  • Hobes - Shot by Orrin with a shotgun
  • Benson Bigelow - Shot by Tyrel
  • Jack Bigelow - Shot by Tyrel
  • Simpson - Shot by Tell
  • Kid Newton - Shot by Cap with a shotgun
  • Ira Bigelow - Shot twice by Tell

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