Treehouse of Horror Edit

  1. Marge Simpson - Referred to as "Lost Lenore".

Treehouse of Horror III Edit

  1. Lenny Leonard - Eaten by King Homer.
  2. Waylon Smithers - Eaten by King Homer.
  3. Shirley Temple - Eaten by King Homer.
  4. Dave Shutton - Eaten by King Homer.
  5. Clancy Bouvier - Eaten by King Homer.
  6. Seymour Skinner - Turned into a zombie.
  7. Martin Prince - Brains eaten by zombie Skinner.
  8. Sideshow Mel - Turned into a zombie.
  9. Krusty the Clown - Turned into a zombie after zombie Sideshow Mel ate him.
  10. Zombie Ned Flanders - Shot by Homer with a shotgun.
  11. Zombie Albert Einstein - Shot by Homer with a shotgun.
  12. Zombie Thomas Pynchon - Shot by Homer with a shotgun.
  13. Zombie William Shakespeare - Shot by Homer with a shotgun.
  14. Zombie Edna Krabappel - Shot by Homer with a shotgun.
  15. Zombie George Washington - Shot by Homer with a shotgun.

Treehouse of Horror IV Edit

  1. Groundskeeper Willie's Mule - Shot by Willie.
  2. Hans Moleman - Killed when his car explodes.
  3. Ned Flanders - Decapitated by a gremlin.
  4. Bart Simpson - Turned into a vampire after being bitten by Count Burns.
  5. Milhouse Van Houten, Janey Powell, Ralph Wiggum, and Martin Prince - Turned into vampires.
  6. Count Burns - Staked in the heart by Homer.
  7. Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Maggie Simpson, and Abraham Simpson - Turned into vampires.
  8. Lisa Simpson - Possibly turned into a vampire.

Treehouse of Horror V Edit

  1. Moe Szyslak - Hung himself.
  2. Patty and Selma Bouvier - Burned at the stake by Reverend Lovejoy.
  3. Edna Krabappel, Charles Montgomery Burns, Groundskeeper Willie, Clancy Wiggum and Seymour Skinner - Decapitated by Bart with a guillotine.
  4. Groundskeeper Willie - Axed in the back in all three segments by Homer, Maggie, and Skinner.
  5. Patty Bouvier - Died in an alternate universe.
  6. Selma Bouvier - Died in an alternate universe.
  7. Mosquito - Squashed by Homer.
  8. Walking Fish - Sat on by Homer.
  9. T-Rex and other Dinosaurs - Died after Homer sneezed.
  10. Giant Dragonfly - Beaten to death by Homer with a bat.
  11. Lizard - Stomped on by Homer.
  12. Jimbo Jones - Cooked by Skinner and turned into Sloppy Jimbos.
  13. Uter Zorker - Cooked by Skinner and turned into Uterbraten.
  14. Milhouse Van Houten, Bart, and Lisa Simpson - Fell into a giant blender.

Treehouse of Horror VI Edit

  1. Santa's Little Helper - Kicked by Lard Lad.
  2. Captain of the High School Baseball Team - Shot by Chief Wiggum.
  3. Seymour Skinner, Nelson Muntz, Kearney Zzyzwicz, Dolph Starbeam, J. Loren Pryor, Jimbo Jones, Doris Freedman, Gary Chalmers and Groundskeeper Willie - Crushed when the devil destroyed the school under Bart's orders.
  4. Mascots including Lard Lad - Died after nobody looked at them.
  5. Martin Prince - Strangled to death by Willie.
  6. Sherri and Terri, Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, Jimbo Jones, Kearney Zzyzwicz, and Dolph Starbeam - Killed by Willie in numerous ways.
  7. Groundskeeper Willie - Burned to ashes.
  8. Homer Simpson - Collapses into pieces in the third dimension.

Treehouse of Horror VII Edit

  1. The Simpsons - Died after seeing the Grim Reaper on their couch.
  2. Bill Clinton and Bob Dole - Ejected into space and suffocate.

Treehouse of Horror VIII Edit

  1. FOX Censor - Stabbed to death by the TV Parental Guidance screen bug.
  2. Edna Krabappel, Elizabeth Hoover, Herman Hermann, Comic Book Guy, Kirk Van Houten, Brandine Spuckler, Luann Van Houten, Milhouse Van Houten, Rod Flanders, Todd Flanders, Helen Lovejoy, Bumblebee Man, Timothy Lovejoy, Jr., Krusty the Clown, Charlie, Gary Chalmers, Lindsey Naegle, Jeremy Freedman, Joe Quimby, Kent Brockman, Luann Van Houten, Agnes Skinner, Jessica Lovejoy, Nelson Muntz, Sherri, Terri, Abraham Simpson, and Old Jewish Man - Vaporized when the bomb hit Springfield.
  3. Johnny and Edgar Winter - Ran over by Homer.
  4. Charles Montgomery Burns, Barney Gumble, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Carl Carlson, Lenny Leonard, Moe Szyslak, Sideshow Mel, Waylon Smithers, Jr., Clancy Wiggum, Ned Flanders, Cletus Spuckler, Otto Mann, Seymour Skinner, Lionel Hutz, Groundskeeper Willie, Captain Horatio McCallister, and Dr. Hibbert - Turned into mutants and shot by Marge, Bart, and Lisa with shotguns.
  5. Luann Van Houten, Agnes Skinner, and Elizabeth Hoover - Burned at the stake.
  6. Lisa Simpson - Killed by the angry mob after Homer accused her of being a witch.

Treehouse of Horror IX Edit

  1. Bart Simpson - Fell off his skateboard.
  2. Lisa Simpson - Crashed into a wall after riding her bike over Bart's corpse.
  3. Homer Simpson - Ran over by Marge.
  4. Marge and Maggie Simpson - Killed when the car crashes into the wall.
  5. Snake Jailbird - Electrocuted in an electric chair.
  6. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon - Drowned in a Squishee machine by Homer.
  7. Moe Szyslak - Heart pulled out by Homer with a corkscrew.
  8. The Jerry Springer Show Audience - Incinerated by Kang's death ray.
  9. Jerry Springer - Suffocated by Kang.

Treehouse of Horror X Edit

  1. Lisa Simpson - Vaporized by Maggie.
  2. Ned Flanders - Ran over by the Simpsons with a car, but comes back as a zombie werewolf.
  3. Homer Simpson - Eaten by werewolf Flanders.
  4. Comic Book Guy - Fell into plastic water.
  5. Nelson Muntz - Fell into a copying machine
  6. Homer and Bart Simpson - Exploded after escaping the spaceship.
  7. Celebrities on the Doomed Spaceship - Burned to ashes when the ship crashed into the sun.

Treehouse of Horror XI Edit

  1. Homer Simpson - Burned by an angry mob.
  2. Marge and Abraham Simpson - Staked in the heart by an angry mob.
  3. Bart Simpson - Killed by an angry mob with a bear trap.
  4. Homer Simpson - Choked on a piece of broccoli.
  5. Agnes Skinner - Dropped by ghost Homer.
  6. Simpson Children - Seen as skeletons.
  7. Goldilocks - Mauled by the bears.
  8. Rapunzel - Scalp ripped off by Homer.
  9. Suzanne the Witch - Burned to ashes.
  10. Captain Horatio McCallister - Killed by the dolphins.
  11. Squeaky-Voiced Teen - Killed by the dolphins.
  12. Kent Brockman - Killed by the dolphins.
  13. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Akira, Comic Book Guy, Carl Carlson, Reverend Lovejoy, Hans Moleman, Gil Gunderson, Raphael, Fat Tony, Louie, Legs, Luigi, Luann Van Houten, Lunchlady Doris, Montgomery Burns,Waylon Smithers, Disco Stu, Cookie Kwan, Judge Constance Harm, Lionel Hutz, Sideshow Bob, and Arnie Pye - Died in the battle.
  14. Groundskeeper Willie - Killed by the dolphins.
  15. Many Springfieldians including Krusty the Clown - Drowned.

Treehouse of Horror XII Edit

  1. Waylon Smithers - Electrocuted.
  2. The Simpsons - Sliced apart after running through Mr. Burns' gate.
  3. Lenny Leonard and Carl Carlson - Crushed by a helicopter that landed on Moe's.
  4. Moe Szyslak - Drowned in a pickle jar.
  5. Bart Simpson - Drowned in his cereal.
  6. Lord Montymort - Stabbed in the enchanted shin by Bart and eaten by Slithers.

Treehouse of Horror XIII Edit

  1. Homer Clone - Electrocuted.
  2. Ned Flanders - Decapitated by a Homer clone with a chainsaw.
  3. 3 Homer Clones who knew the way home - Shot by Homer.
  4. Gil Gunderson - Eaten by Homer clones.
  5. All Homer Clones but one - Fell off a cliff.
  6. Homer Simpson - Fell off a cliff.
  7. Zombies - Shot.
  8. Future Homer Simpson - Shot by Moe.
  9. Little Eyes - Eaten by Sinister Eyes.
  10. Professor Frink - Eaten after being turned into a turkey.
  11. Bird - Eaten by Marge.

Treehouse of Horror XIV Edit

  1. Abraham Simpson - Burned by Homer with a flaming log.
  2. Homer Simpson - Shot by Marge.
  3. Jasper - Death touched by Homer.
  4. Homeless Man - Death touched by Homer.
  5. Baseball Crowd (Including Lindsey Naegle, Kirk Van Houten, Reverend Lovejoy, and Hans Moleman) - Death touched by Homer.
  6. The Queen - Hit in the head with a baseball.
  7. Patty Bouvier - Death touched by Homer.
  8. Ned Flanders - Heart ripped out by Jonathan Frink, Sr.
  9. Seymour Skinner - Spine ripped out by Jonathan Frink, Sr.
  10. 5 Scientists - Brains removed by Jonathan Frink, Sr.
  11. Sideshow Mel, Very Tall Man, Bumblebee Man, Superintendant Chalmers, Eddie, Snake Jailbird, Reverend Lovejoy, Otto Mann, Cletus Spuckler, Clancy Wiggum, and Apu Nahasapeemapetilon - Body Parts ripped off by Jonathan Frink, Sr.
  12. Jonathan Frink, Sr. - Kicked in the groin by Jonathan Frink.
  13. Martin Prince - Killed by an angry mob.

Treehouse of Horror XV Edit

  1. Homer Simpson - Ate himself after being cooked by Kang and Kodos.
  2. Lisa Simpson - Cooked into soup and eaten by the alien boss.
  3. Marge and Maggie Simpson - Cooked into pies and eaten by the alien boss.
  4. Dr. Hibbert - Falls out of a window.
  5. Hans Moleman - Eaten by crocodiles.
  6. Homer Simpson - Shot by Ned three times.
  7. Ned Flanders, Marge Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Bart Simpson, Maggie Simpson, Chief Wiggum, Carl Carlson, Charles Montgomery Burns, and Barney Gumble - Killed in an explosion.
  8. Prostitute - Killed by Chief Wiggum.
  9. Ned, Todd, and Rod Flanders - Heads hanging in Comic Book Guy's shop.
  10. Comic Book Guy - Killed by Chief Wiggum.
  11. Selma Bouvier - Killed by Chief Wiggum.
  12. Clancy Wiggum - Died in a balloon crash when hit by Kang and Kodos' ship.

Treehouse of Horror XVI Edit

  1. David - Sliced in half by Bart.
  2. Lenny, Carl, Barney, Bumblebee Man, Reverend Lovejoy, Sideshow Mel, Mr. Largo, Dr. Nick, Dr. Hibbert, Principal Skinner, Groundskeeper Willie, Apu, Otto, Lou, Squeaky-Voice Teen, Kirk Van Houten, Kent Brockman, Comic Book Guy, Blue-Haired Lawyer, Krusty the Clown, the Yes Guy, and Captain McCallister - Shot by Mr. Burns.
  3. Moe Szyslak and Clancy Wiggum - Impaled on a weather vane.
  4. Professor Frink - Eaten by Homer
  5. Charles Montgomery Burns and Waylon Smithers - Knocked out by Marge with pans.
  6. Disco Stu - Arrow fused into his head.
  7. Mayor Quimby - Eaten by dogs.
  8. Martin Prince - Sprayed by Groundskeeper Willie.
  9. Mouse - Eaten by Bart.

Treehouse of Horror XVII Edit

  1. Moe Szyslak - Crushed in an iron maiden.
  2. Snowball V - Eaten by Homer.
  3. Squeaky-Voiced Teen - Eaten by Homer.
  4. 3 German People at Oktoberfest - Eaten by Homer.
  5. Uter Zorker - Eaten by Homer.
  6. Fat Tony - Eaten by Homer.
  7. Comic Book Guy - Eaten by Homer.
  8. Men in Umpire School - Eaten by Homer.
  9. Women from The Facts of Life Reunion Tour - Eaten by Homer.
  10. Men in Hawaiian Shirt Store - Eaten by Homer.
  11. People on a Bus - Eaten by Homer.
  12. Ned Flanders - Head eaten by Homer.
  13. Dr. Phil McGraw - Eaten by Homer.
  14. Homeless People - Eaten by Homer.
  15. 17th Century People - Shot by the golem.
  16. Bart's Turtle - Killed by Homer.
  17. Jimbo, Nelson, Dolph and Kearney - Killed when the golem swaps their heads.
  18. Seymour Skinner - Sliced in half by the golem.
  19. Barney Gumble - Bludgeoned by Moe with a bat.
  20. Lenny Leonard - Shot by Homer.
  21. Disco Stu - Shot by Homer.
  22. Captain McCallister - Decapitated by Homer.
  23. Clancy Wiggum - Sucked dry by Kang and Kodos' spaceship.
  24. Many Springfieldans - Killed in Kang and Kodos' invasion.

Treehouse of Horror XVIII Edit

  1. Woman on American Idol Logo - Sucked into a hoover by Marge and cooked into bread.
  2. Football Players - Sprayed by Marge with bug spray and cooked into bread.
  3. Police Man - Melted by Marge with a coffee stirrer and cooked into bread.
  4. Man with 24 Logo - Cooked into bread by Marge.
  5. Gregory House - Exploded in a microwave by Marge and cooked into bread.
  6. Prisoners - Cooked into bread by Marge.
  7. Three Soldiers - Killed by Kodos
  8. Various Rigellian IV Aliens - Killed by USA troops.
  9. Kang - Shot.
  10. Kodos - Suffocated.
  11. Kent Brockman - Killed by Marge.
  12. Five Men, Disco Stu, and Captain McCallister - Shot by Homer.
  13. Abraham Simpson - Killed by Homer and Marge.
  14. Clancy Wiggum - Shot in the chest by Marge with an arrow.
  15. Seymour Skinner - Killed by Marge and Homer.
  16. Track Driver and many people in the Hotel - Died when the hotel was destroyed.
  17. Barney Gumble - Burned to ashes by Bart, Milhouse, Nelson, and Lisa, or Jimbo, Kearney, and Dolph.
  18. Seymour Skinner - Ran over by Rod and Todd with a bus.
  19. Groundskeeper Willie - Killed by his killer tractor.
  20. Dr. Hibbert - Ran over by a van.
  21. Homer Simpson - Cut into pieces by a hammock and his head is turned into spaghetti.
  22. Moe Szyslak - Kicked by a woman.