The Triad are the main villains of Season 8 of Charmed, seen as second in command to the Source of All Evil in Season 3.

The first time they are killed, they are resurrected. The second time, they return as ghosts but never reach full resurrection. The third time was undone by time travel, but the specific event that undoes that is their earlier and final deaths.


  1. Vanquished by Cole with an energy ball
  2. Orbed in front of Baliel's fireball by Paige after Piper froze them both in time
  3. Vanquished by Piper with an energy wave
  4. Vanquished by Piper with vanquishing potion


  1. Athame thrown at him by Cole
  2. Blown up by Piper with Molecular Combustion
  3. Vanquished by Paige with an energy wave
  4. Vanquished by Phoebe with vanquishing potion


  1. Neck broken by Cole
  2. Impaled by Christy with her hand
  3. Vanquished by Phoebe with an energy wave
  4. Vanquished by Paige with vanquishing potion

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