Total Recall is a film about Doug Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger) battling the ruthless tyrant Cohaagen to save the mutants on Mars, with his henchman Richter trying to kill him.

All the villainous characters are killed off except Hauser, Cohaagen's friend and a mole whose memory was erased to turn him into Quaid, but Quaid will never let anyone turn him back into Hauser, as shown by how he breaks free and kills Doc.

  1. Harry - Killed when Quaid stepped on his neck to snap it. Of the three men with him, Quaid snaps the neck of one and shoots the other two.
  2. Dr. Edgemar - Shot in the head by Quaid.
  3. Lori - Shot in the head by Quaid.
  4. Helm - Stabbed in the stomach by Thumbelina.
  5. George - Shot by Benny.
  6. Kuato - Shot by Richter.
  7. Doc - Stabbed in the throat by Quaid with the spike of an arm restraint he removed from his chair as Doc was trying to turn him back into Hauser.
  8. Benny - Stabbed by Quaid through the wall of his tank with a drill.
  9. Richter - While going up the elevator, they reached a cutoff. Quaid grabbed Richter's arms and pulled them up along with his head to avoid being decapitated, and as a result Richter's arms were torn off at the cutoff, sending him falling to his death.
  10. Vilos Cohaagen - Thrown through a shaft by Quaid, sending him out into the area of Mars with no atmosphere, dying a slow and painful death of asphyxiation and decompressation, in the last few seconds his eyes are popping out of his head.