The Toxic Avenger is a series of films about the eponymous Toxic Avenger, who kills criminals in brutal and creative ways.

The Toxic Avenger (1984)Edit

  • Kid on bike: Ran over by Bozo, Slug, Wanda, and Julie. They took photos of his dead body afterwards.
  • Knuckles and Nipples: Heads bashed open by Toxie.
  • Mexican Restaurant manager: hole shot through chest by Leroy.
  • Sara's dog: Shot dead by Leroy
  • Leroy: Milkshake stirrer rammed into throat by Toxie.
  • Rico: Hands and wrists stuffed into a deep-fryer by Toxie.
  • Frank: Stuffed into an oven by Toxie.
  • Drug dealer: Head crushed under weights by Toxie
  • Wanda: Burned alive on hot coal by Toxie. The extended and director's cuts shows her alive and with a heavily-bandaged rear at the police station
  • Cigar Face: Shot by one of his own men
  • Cigar Face's Other Goons: Shot each other to death thanks to Toxie's parkour.
  • Julie: Presumably cut open by Toxie with scissors. The extended and director's cuts show her shaved bald and alive, before turning herself in. In the play, she is combined with Mayor Belgroody.
  • Old lady: Beaten and left for dead by Bozo and Slug using her own cane.
  • Slug: Thrown out of a moving car by Toxie
  • Bozo: Burned alive in a car crash
  • Old Woman Slave Trader: Dry-cleaned to death by Toxie, first using a tumble dryer to break her bones before burning her on a steam press.
  • Mayor Belgroody: Organs ripped out by Toxie. In the play, he is combined with Julie.

The Toxic Avenger Part IIEdit

  • Midget thug: Made into a basketball shape and slam dunked by Toxie.

Citizen Toxie (2002)Edit

  • Lardass: Sacrificed himself by eating a bomb to save the school.
  • Diaper Mafia: Each was killed by Toxie in different ways.
  • Amortvile version of the Diaper Mafia killed by Toxie in various ways
  • Negative Mad Cowboy: Ground in a meat grinder
  • Old Lady with Walker: Run over by Evil Kabukiman
  • The Vibrator, Mad Cowboy, Dolphinmanand Master BaterBeaten to death by Noxie's thugs.
  • Noxie Fetus: Strangled by the Toxie fetus
  • The Noxious Offender: Presumably burned alive by toxic waste