{{Delete}}The many deaths in the Transformers film franchise. Note only the Michael Bay films will be counted (not the animated movie).

Transformers (2007)Edit

1. Patrick Donnelly - Fatally impaled by Scorponok.

2. Nokia Bot - Electrocuted by Simmons.

3. Bonecrusher - Decapitated by Optimus Prime.

4. Frenzy - Accidently decapitated himself with a flying blade.

5. Jazz - Torn in half by Megatron while attempting to distract him.

6. Brawl - Shot in the chest by Bumblebee.

7. Blackout - Bled to death after being attacked by F-22's.

8. Megatron - Sam pushed the All Spark into his chest, extinguishing the Decepticon's life force. (Note: He would later be resurrected in Revenge of the Fallen.)

Revenge of the FallenEdit

1. Sideways - Sliced in half by Sideswipe.

2. Demolisher - Shot in the head by Optimus Prime.

3. Kitchen Bots - Shot by Bumblebee.

4. Scrap Metal - Torn to pieces by fellow constructicons Long Haul and Mixmaster, in order to resurrect Megatron.

5. Alice -Run over by Mikaela.

6. The Doctor - Killed off-screen by Optimus Prime.

7. Grindor - Decapitated by Optimus Prime.

8. Optimus Prime - Fatally impaled by Megatron. (Note: He would later be resurrected at the end of the film.)

9. Ravage - Spine torn out by Bumblebee.

10. Rampage - Brutally beaten to death by Bumblebee.

11. Elita-1 - Shot by Protoforms.

12. Arcee - Shot by Protoforms.

13. Mixmaster - Decapitated by Jetfire.

14. Scorponok - Head crushed under Jetfire's fist.

15. Devastator - Fell to his death after his arm was blown off by a Rail Gun.

16. Long Haul, Scrapper and remaining Prtoforms - Blown up during Operation: Firestorm.

17. Sam Witwicky - Shot by Megatron. (Note: He would later be resurrected.)

18. Jetfire - Sacrificed himself to save Optimus Prime.

19. The Fallen - Spark torn out by Optimus Prime.

Dark of the MoonEdit

1. NASA Workers - Killed by Dylan, Soundwave and Lazerbeak.

2. Alexi Voskhod - Shot by Lazerbeak.

3. Bob Singer - Shot by Lazerbeak.

4. Jerry Wang - Pushed out a window by Lazerbeak.

5. Hatchet - Decapitated by Mirage.

6. Crowbar - Shot in the face by Ironhide.

7. Crankcase - Blown up by Ironhide.

8. Ironhide - Disintegrated by Sentinel Prime using a Cosmic Rust Gun.

9. Skids - Killed off-screen by Sentinel Prime.

10. Mudflap - Killed off-screen by Sentinel Prime.

11. Lazerbeak - Decapitated by Bumblebee.

12. The Driller-Beast - Optimus Prime attacked it by slamming his entire body through its neck, killing it.

13. Starscream - Head blown up by Sam using a boomstick.

14. Wheeljack - Shot in the head by Barricade.

15. Soundwave - Shot in the head by Bumblebee.

16. Wheelie - Sacrificed himself to save Bumblebee.

17. Barricade - Blown up (alongside several other decepticons) by Boomsticks, set by several NEST soldiers.

18. Shockwave - Eye torn out by Optimus Prime.

19. Dylan Gould - Knocked into pillar by Sam, disintegrating him instantly.

20. Devcon - Shot by Wreckers.

21. Megatron - Decapitated by Optimus Prime.

22. Sentinel Prime - Shot in the head by Optimus Prime.

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