Vantage Point is an action film which shows the same series of events unfolding through different characters' perspectives. A total of six different "vantage points" are shown throughout the film.

List of deaths Edit

  • It is unknown how many died at the time of impact but it is assumed a massive amount of civilians and security personnel were killed.
  • Angie Jones - Killed by the explosion.
  • Fake President - Shot while delivering the speech. Despite thinking this is the actual president, it was eventually revealed that he was a fake.
  • Enrique - Killed by Javier.
  • Javier's brother - Killed by Suarez.
  • Javier - Killed by Agent Taylor.
  • Agent Taylor - Killed by Agent Barnes.
  • Rogue Camerman - Killed by Veronica.
  • Veronica - Died when the ambulance she was escaping in crashes.
  • Suarez - Killed by Agent Barnes.

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