List of deaths in the Warcraft film series.

Warcraft: The BeginningEdit

  • Draenei - Life drained by Gul'dan, using the fell.
  • Callan - Stabbed in the stomach by Black Hand.
  • Draka - Stabbed in the stomach by an Orc Soldier, under Black Hands command.
  • Durotan - Challenged Gul'dan to Mak'gora (battle to the death for leadership). Gul'dan cheated and used the fell to drain the life out of Durotan. Other orcs were disgusted by this, and called him a traitor. They were also killed by Gul'dan.
  • Medivh's Servant - Life drained by Medivh, using the fell.
  • Medivh - Crushed when Khadgar caused an enormous Stone Gollum to fall on top of him.
  • Sargeras - Killed alongside Medivh.
  • King Llane - Stabbed in the neck by Garona, after he ordered her to kill him so the orcs would trust her. A funeral was held for him after the battle. His death caused the dwarves and high elves to help battle the orcs.
  • Blackhand - Stabbed by Anduin Lothar during Mak'gora, avenging Callan.