Deaths in the Warriors saga (original series) MAY BE INCOMPLETE!!!

Into the WildEdit

Redtail (Killed by Tigerclaw)

Oakheart (Crushed in a rockfall)

Lionheart (Killed by Shadowclan)

Spottedleaf (Killed by Clawface)

Fire and IceEdit

Whiteclaw (Drowned after falling into the gorge)

Clawface (Killed by Graystripe)

Forest of SecretsEdit

Silverstream (Died giving birth to her and Graystripe's kits)

Brokentail (Poisoned by Yellowfang [dramatic death]

Rising StormEdit

Runningwind (Killed by Tigerclaw)

Whitethroat (Hit by a car)

Patchpelt (Inhaled too much smoke in the fire)

Halftail (Inhaled too much smoke in the fire)

Yellowfang (Inhaled too much smoke in the fire)

A Dangerous PathEdit

Swiftpaw (Mauled by the dog pack)

Brindleface (Killed by Tigerstar)

Bluestar (Drowned in the gorge)

The Darkest HourEdit

Stonefur (Killed by both Darkstripe and Blackfoot, but Blackfoot was the one who really killed him)

Tigerstar (Killed By Scourge, All 9 lives)

Whitestorm (Killed by Bone)

Bone (Killed by Bramblepaw, Tawnypaw, Featherpaw, Stormpaw, Ashpaw and Fernpaw)

Firestar [1st life] (Killed by Scourge)

Scourge (Killed by Firestar)

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