The Dragonet ProphecyEdit

  • Asha - Is mentioned to die of injuries inflicted when she got caught in a battle between Blister and Blaze's forces
  • Hvitur - Stabbed in the skull by Burn with her tail
  • Dune - Neck snapped by Scarlet
  • Horizon - Burned his face on Peril's shoulder to avoid being tortured for Scarlet's entertainment
  • Fjord - Sprayed in the face by Glory with venom
  • Osprey - Lifted into the air by Scarlet and sent falling to his death, unable to fly due to his tail being paralyzed
  • King Gill - Neck snapped by Tsunami, after being dehydrated to insanity by Scarlet
  • Kestrel - Throat clawed and stabbed in the heart by Blister with her tail

The Lost HeirEdit

  • Orca - Is mentioned to be impaled by Coral with a narwhal spear on her tail long before the events of the book
  • Tortoise - Head smashed against the ground by Coral for failing to protect one of her eggs
  • Whirlpool - Hit in the head by Anemone with a narwhal spear, sending him falling into an electric eel moat where he was electrocuted
  • Crocodile - Killed when Glory spit venom into her eyes

The Hidden KingdomEdit

  • Tapir - Is mentioned to die of starvation rather than eat the long-dead food the NightWings gave him
  • Bright - Is mentioned to die while imprisoned by NightWings
  • Orangutan - Is mentioned to die while imprisoned by NightWings

The Dark SecretEdit

  • Vengeance – Thrown into lava by NightWing guards on Battlewinner’s orders
  • Farsight – Is mentioned to be killed by SkyWings
  • Viper – Knocked into a river of lava by Flame
  • Queen Battlewinner – Freezing death breath shot down her throat by an IceWing, and froze to death once she left the cauldron of lava keeping her alive
  • Morrowseer – Killed in the explosion of a volcanic eruption

The Brightest NightEdit

  • Preyhunter - Stabbed in the heart by Thorn with her tail
  • General Sandstorm - Is mentioned to be killed by the Outclaws
  • Princess Burn - Bitten by a dragonbite viper set on her by Blister
  • Princess Blister - Electrocuted by an enchantment on the Eye of Onyx, reducing her to dust

Moon RisingEdit

  • Carnelian - Killed by Sora with a bomb meant for Icicle
  • Bigtail - Killed by Sora with a bomb meant for Icicle
  • Crane - Throat slit by Icicle (as shown in Sora's memory set before the main events of The Dragonet Prophecy)

Winter TurningEdit

  • A Rainforest NightWing - Icicle cut its throat and buried it.

Escaping PerilEdit

  • Queen Scarlet - Neck snapped by Ruby
  • Prince Arctic - Two thousand years ago, was enchanted by Darkstalker to disembowel himself

Talons of PowerEdit

  • Abalone - Executed at Coral's command. (Set before the first book)
  • Snapper - Executed at Coral's command. (Set before the first book)
  • Queen Glacier - Killed by a plague, caused by Darkstalker.

Darkness of DragonsEdit

  • Narwhal - Throat slashed by two NightWings