Your Highness is a fantasy comedy film about the prince, Fabious, and his brother Thadeous seeking the Blade of Unicorn to kill the evil wizard Leezar and rescue Fabious's girlfriend Belladonna.

  • Cyclops: Before events of the movie, was decapitated by Fabious. Was the last of Leezar's monsters to be killed.
  • Dastardly: Kicked onto a spike by Fabious.
  • Marteetee: Spear thrown at him by Isabel as revenge for her father's death.
  • Minotaur: Stabbed in the throat by Thadeous.
  • Timotay: Shot in the back by Isabel with an arrow. He was wounded by this, and Isabel cut his throat.
  • Thundarian: Slashed by Thadeous.
  • Manious the Bold: Slashed by Fabious.
  • Julie: Thrown down the tower by Thadeous and Courtney, and is impaled on a spike.
  • Boremont: Arm cut off, then stabbed by Fabious.
  • Mothers: While merged into one witch, decapitated by Isabel (thus avenging the deaths of her brothers).
  • Leezar: Stabbed by Fabious with the Blade of Unicorn. On death he disintegrates into fire.

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