Your Highness is a fantasy comedy film about the prince, Fabious, and his brother Thadeous seeking the Blade of Unicorn to kill the evil wizard Leezar and rescue Fabious's girlfriend Belladonna.

Villains are listed in bold

  • Cyclops - Before events of the movie, was decapitated by Fabious. Was the last of Leezar's monsters to be killed.
  • Dastardly - Kicked onto a spike by Fabious.
  • Marteetee - Spear thrown at him by Isabel as revenge for her father's death.
  • Minotaur - Stabbed in the throat by Thadeous.
  • Timotay - Shot in the back by Isabel with an arrow. He was wounded by this, and Isabel cut his throat.
  • Thundarian - Slashed by Thadeous.
  • Manious the Bold: Slashed by Fabious.
  • Julie - Thrown down the tower by Thadeous and Courtney, and is impaled on a spike.
  • Boremont - Arm cut off, then stabbed by Fabious.
  • Mothers - While merged into one witch, decapitated by Isabel (thus avenging the deaths of her brothers).
  • Leezar - Stabbed by Fabious with the Blade of Unicorn. On death he disintegrates into fire.